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File Integrity Monitoring: 8 Key Considerations

Buyers Guide

Download the guide to gain insight into the type of FIM that would be best suited for your security needs.

Are all File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) solutions created equal? FIM is an essential security control that monitors and reports any change to the integrity of system and configuration files. This Buyer’s Guide will allow you to develop a complete criteria checklist and discover key capabilities that will impact your decision when selecting the right FIM solution for your organization:


Industry developments shaping the FIM market

  • What can be protected
  • 8 Essential considerations for FIM
  • Understand Integrity


What should be monitored

  • Platforms
  • System Files
  • Configuration
  • Confidential Data


Critical considerations when selecting the right FIM vendor

  • Scalability
  • Platforms, devices and containers
  • Configuration settings
  • Feature sets

quoteIf you don’t know when safe, legitimate changes are being made, how would you ever know that a system had been breached?