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Lessons Learned from the #1 Cause of Data Breaches in the Cloud

Data breaches caused by cloud misconfigurations have been dominating news headlines in recent years with 80% of companies in the United States experiencing a cloud-related breach according to research by IDC.

calender icon teal  Wednesday 2nd December 2020        clock icon teal  11:00 ET (US) | 16:00 GMT (UK)

With organizations around the world shifting to cloud-first strategies, particularly to accommodate greater numbers of home workers, IT teams are right to be concerned about the security health of their environments.

Join us for a LIVE Virtual Event where we will look at some of the most common configuration mistakes which have led to major data breaches; and why continuous monitoring via Security Configuration Management (SCM) tools are critical to help prevent and quickly identify a breach.

What you'll learn:
How the data breaches caused by misconfiguration were successful at Capital One, Imperva and CenturyLink
The challenges of growing cloud infrastructures, remote workforces and industrial environments
The SCM basics and how it works alongside other critical security controls to harden systems and achieve compliance
How to identify misconfiguration incidents as they occur and remediate with automated solutions to save time and manual effort
Key Speakers:
Kathleen Patentreger
Senior VP of Benchmarks Development at the Center for Internet Security
Mark Kedgley
CTO at New Net Technologies
Dirk Schrader (CISSP/CISM)
Global VP of Product Marketing at New Net Technologies
This webinar is now available on demand.