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Open Port Hardening Guide

Open Ports Hardening Guide


The Center for Internet Security’s CIS Control #9 relates to the management of ports, protocols, and services (PPS) on devices that are a part of your network. The entwined relationship between services, protocols and ports is important to understand – you can’t have one without the other. NNT delivers a unique solution that addresses CIS Control #9 in addition to many of the other critical controls.

This guide will help the reader to understand:

•  Why the control of open ports, protocols and services is an essential cybersecurity control
Which open ports and protocols are viewed as safe for any network, and which are considered unsafe?
How do you detect open ports and protocols on your network?
Port Monitoring: How to identify which services and applications are using which ports and protocols?
• What to do if you need to remove open ports, protocols and/or services from your systems