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Securing Digital Transformation in the New Normal

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has added a new dimension to the security, compliance and digital transformation demand landscape. It is increasingly important to embed security solutions and processes into the organization that reduce complexity and massively increase the automation of killer manual tasks.

As an IT security leader, how are you adapting during these uncertain times?

Learn how C-Level and other senior leaders from around the globe are securing digital transformation in the new normal.


  • Keynote: David Cass, Vice President – Cyber & IT Risk at Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • CISO Panel: Securing Digital Transformation in the New Normal
  • Presentation: What does the Covid-19 pandemic teach us about cybersecurity?

Key Speakers:

david cass

David Cass
VP of Cyber & IT Risk, Federal Reserve Bank of New York Supervision Group

mahbubal i

Mahbubul Islam
CISO, HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS)

mudassar u

Mudassar Ulhaq
CIO, Waverton Investment Management

angus macrae

Angus Macrae
Head of Cybersecurity, King’s College London


Mark Kedgley
Chief Technology Officer, NNT