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Cybersecurity Threats in Healthcare Systems Exposed
Addressing the Growing Cybersecurity Challenges While Meeting Facing the Healthcare Industry

Protecting and securing critical electronic health data is more important than ever, as the FBI and other federal agencies have been sounding the alarm on 'imminent' cyber threats targeting healthcare systems.

calender icon teal  January 27th 2021        clock icon teal  11:00 ET (US) | 16:00 GMT (UK)

Compounding this, NNT recently discovered sensitive medical data related to 13 million medical exams on hundreds of computers connected to the internet belonging to over 3.5 million patients.

Join us for our live webinar to learn about the current cybersecurity and privacy challenges facing the healthcare sector and how to optimize your security posture to prevent cyberattacks and data breaches.

What you'll learn:
The biggest cyber risks and challenges the healthcare sector face using real-world examples.
How to monitor your internet risk exposure with complimentary online tools, and see how cyber crooks use public resources to gain knowledge about your IT infrastructure.
How to effectively secure your environment and critical medical devices while maintaining continuous HIPAA compliance.
Key Speakers:
Mark Kedgley
CTO at New Net Technologies
Dirk Schrader (CISSP/CISM)
Global VP of Product Marketing at New Net Technologies